The Dawson Creek Cattle Company

Situated along the banks of the Neuse River, where land and sky meet water, you'll find the Lee Farm & Ranch. Located 6 miles outside Oriental, this is where the cows of the Dawson Creek Cattle Company call home. The Lee family has been farming sweet potatoes, beans, corn and tobacco on these lands since the early 1900s. The 5th generation of Lee family farmers is led by Justin Lee, his wife Christen, and their two daughters Cameron and Colby Jae. Together they carry on the practice of sustainability through diversification by raising hormone free grass fed cattle in a pristine low stress environment. What started as a single hobby cow has organically grown into a thriving business.



Owners of Lee Farm & Ranch and The Dawson Creek Cattle Company Justin Lee and Christen Lee


Happy cows taste better.

Exceeding Your Expectations

The Dawson Creek Cattle Company cows spend their days roaming free and grazing on high quality pesticide free local grasses and are never administered growth hormones or steroids. We believe in the humane treatment of all cattle. Our cows are never prodded with electrodes, beaten or abused. Our operation is Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) certified because we are committed to raising high quality meats for you and your family.